Kings Leigh Playworld Curved Flowers

Magical delights at King’s Leigh

Dacland is known for leading-edge, resident-friendly urban design, and the new concept with a magical fairytale feel at for the People Park King’s Leigh is no exception!

The park is almost a hectare in size and will feature a delightful array of play areas and experiences for both adults and children.

The design incorporates a whimsical playground area where children can play beneath a tall floral sculpture forest, balance on a series of timber steps and platforms and gather at oversized mushroom game tables. By using scale and materials in unusual ways, the playground encourages children to experience the world around them in a new way.

“If approved it will be the first time these magical tall plant elements have been used to create a dense sculptural ‘forest’ in Victoria. We are keen to introduce this exciting new play experience to children in the west,” said Dacland’s General Manager of Design, Jonathon Fetterplace.

The park, designed by consultants SPIIRE, also features a secret garden atmosphere with hidden treasures, natural play experiences, and attractive and comfortable Amphitheatre style seating for parents and carers,

There are also plans to include a ‘leaf race’ channel. A creative solution to stormwater catchment and management, the channel conveys water captured during storm events in a way that allows visibility, interaction and education. It provides a shallow passage for water to flow around the boundary of the playspace where natural boats made of leaves, sticks and bark can be ‘raced’ from one end of the channel to the other. This creates an opportunity for children and parents alike to engage playfully with water.

A large open playing field is located beside the children’s play area, and intersecting pathways close by lead to other parts of King’s Leigh including restful space by a waterway.

“The park creates a multitude of experiences for adults and children of different ages and abilities, making this special place a real ‘People’s Park’,” Jonathon said.